At Colors Sitges Link we are happy and very proud to see that the arduous and exhaustive work of research and documentation carried out by the working group for the recovery of LGTBIQ historical memory in Sitges, gives such spectacular results as the exhibition Pepito Zamora, un artista de revista (which can be visited until October at Museus de Sitges and at the Santiago Rusiñol Library), among other equally important activities for the recovery of our memory as a collective in Sitges.

But when media such as TV3 echo this hard work, it is doubly gratifying. Yesterday, Wednesday 17th August, they broadcasted a report on the TV3 news about the exhibition that Colors Sitges Link promoted in the Museums of Sitges, on the figure of Pepito Zamora. Our ex-president and curator of the exhibition, Isidre Roset, and our current board secretary and documentalist, Montserrat Esquerda, were interviewed for the occasion. An event like this is relevant because, in addition to recovering an artistic and historical figure, it gives us visibility as an association and as a collective.

Here is the link to watch the TV3 video.

We remind you that every Saturday morning we are organising tours to discover the places where Pepito Zamora lived, as well as the guided tour of the exhibition, in English, Catalan and Spanish, for only 10€ including the entrance to the museums. Haven’t you been to see it yet? Don’t miss it!